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A foundation for today and the future

The most stable, secure and feature-rich product version possible

Discover your new foundation

Hyland has always been committed to ensuring that our software solutions deliver maximum value today and long into the future.

Our vision includes continuing to modernize our offerings and unify the Hyland product portfolio to make it easier and faster for organizations to access new capabilities and new user experiences. And part of that is making upgrades as simple as possible.

That’s why we’re replacing our existing versioning structure with a new version called “Foundation” across many of our best-of-breed content services offerings.

The Foundation version of products represents the most stable, secure and feature-rich version possible. They also receive more frequent updates and software enhancements.

Why evolve our versioning strategy? Why Foundation?

Foundation signifies the most modernized version of our products today and sets customers up for success in the future.

As we continue to develop Hyland Experience – our new cloud-first SaaS platform – Foundation product versions will best position customers to access and leverage the latest capabilities and features Experience will bring, including:

  • More frequent updates
  • More features
  • Quicker access to enhancements

Since implementing this new strategy, a number of our products – led by OnBase Foundation – have already moved over to Foundation versions. To see the latest and greatest from our Foundation releases, click here.